Defend Against Remote Command Execution - Dissecting Adobe and Equifax

Friday, Mar. 16
10:00 AM PST

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2018/03/16 1:00 PM EST

What You’ll Learn in This Webinar

Remote Command Execution

What is it and why your security and dev teams should know about it.

Breaking through to the OS Level

Understand what happens when an application tries to run an OS level command.


What you can do to today to monitor system calls in java.

About The Hosts

Wesley Hales
Director, Sales Engineering
Wesley Hales is a seasoned technical sales leader with 15+ years of experience in software development, design and sales. I've led engineering teams for over ten years with an unbeaten track record with the best startups in Silicon Valley. I'm the author of HTML5 and JavaScript Web Apps on O'Reilly Media with more than 10,000 copies sold and the creator of multiple open source projects in use by companies such as Google and Microsoft.
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